Roofing Replacement & Installation

If your roof has been damaged in a storm, is more than 15 years old and showing signs of disrepair, or you just want to update the exterior look of your home, now is a great time for a replacement or new installation.

How Do You Know When It’s Time For A New Roof?

Only a roofing professional can provide an accurate assessment of your roof. In general, these are the signs to watch for:

  • Obvious storm damage – large portions of the roof have been torn off or damaged during a major storm.
  • Missing, curling or cracked shingles – while this may not signal immediate replacement, it is a sign of aging that needs to be monitored.
  • Sagging – this usually means water has penetrated the shingles and sheathing and has warped the plywood.
  • Leaking – while one or two leaks may be repairable, new spots continually appearing is a sign you need a new roof.
  • Aesthetics – dark streaks (algae), mold, moss and just a general look of aging and disrepair can signal it’s time for a new roof, even if it’s still functional.
  • Curb appeal – if you simply want to update the look or style of your home, you may choose to replace your roof before the end of its lifespan.

Why Choose Metro Green Solutions

Our roofing inspectors and technicians have more 15 years combined experience in the industry. When you schedule a consultation, we will perform a multi-point inspection to identify specific problems with your roof and suggestions for remediation. If replacement is necessary, we will provide you with multiple options to fit your needs, budget, and timeline.

We work with all types of roofing materials, including

  • Shingles – asphalt and fiberglass
  • 3 dimensional shingles
  • Metal roofing
  • Spanish and mediterranean tiles
  • Flat roofs, including EPDM and modified Bitumen

Financing Available

Great news! As a PACE program partner, Metro Green Solutions can help homeowners finance certain energy efficient and storm-hardening home improvement projects with no money down and no credit check. Ask if your new roofing project qualifies, and how you can get up to 20 years to pay it off through PACE.

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