Impact Window/Doors

Impact Windows & Doors

Living in South Florida, you know that hurricanes are a likelihood. While the Florida Building Code has come a long way since Hurricane Andrew in requiring stronger door and window materials, true impact-resistant glass is not mandatory. Homes within one mile of the coast that are susceptible to winds of 110+MPH are required to have impact-resistant windows, or, the windows must be be “protected,” such as with approved hurricane shutters or storm panels.

Today, more homeowners are turning to impact glass for its superior storm protection, curb appeal, and energy savings.

Benefits Of Impact Windows & Doors

  • Protects home from 200+MPH (Category 5) winds.
  • Prevents glass “blowout” caused by sudden pressure change. This blowout of doors and windows causes structural weakness and is often the cause of total home destruction in a hurricane.
  • Windows hit by projectiles “crack” in a spider web pattern and usually stay adhered to the interior plastic coating, versus shattering and sending glass shards into the air.
  • Even when cracked, glass usually remains intact, preventing water from entering the home.
  • Improved sound insulation.
  • Protects furniture by blocking UV rays and improving home’s energy efficiency.
  • Reduces homeowners insurance rates by up to 45%.

Why Choose Metro Green Solutions

For homeowners interested in impact glass windows and doors, the options can feel a bit overwhelming. But homeowners who have partnered with Metro Green Solutions say that working with us makes the process “effortless.”

That’s because we do the hard work understanding the science behind impact-resistant glass, so that you don’t have to. We help you choose the best door or window product based on your budget, where your home is located, and any other features you want such as UV protection and energy-efficiency.

Financing Available

Great news! As a PACE program partner, Metro Green Solutions can help homeowners finance certain energy efficient and storm-hardening home improvement projects with no money down and no credit check. Ask how you can get up to 20 years to pay off your impact window and door purchase through PACE.

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